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aaflightticket.Com is the publisher and maintainer of this website. You unconditionally accept the terms and conditions outlined below when you access, browse, or use this site. Any sub-site that you access through this site may have its own terms and conditions of use that are unique to that sub-site, whether it belongs to an “Associate” of aaflightticket.Com or not. Sub-Sites Might Include Any Additional Terms And Conditions Of Use That May Be Listed There. The agreement between you and aaflightticket.Com about your use of this site is made up entirely of these terms and conditions of use and any additional terms posted on this website.

Contents Of The Website

You May Only Use This Site for Personal Purposes. You May Not Use Anything You Copy From This Site, Including But Not Limited To Any Text, Images, Audio, Or Video, For Any Business, Commercial, Or Public Purpose. You May Not Distribute, Exchange, Modify, Sell, Or Transmit Anything You Copy From This Site. A Non-Exclusive, Non-Transferable, Limited Right To Enter, View, And Use This Site Is Granted By aaflightticket So Long As You Comply With These Terms And Conditions Of Use. You hereby agree not to interfere with, or attempt to interfere with, the proper functioning of this website. Only logged-in users may have access to some parts of the website. There may be questions you must answer to register as a member.

You Represent That You Are At Least 18 Years Old, You Have The Legal Capacity To Enter Into This Agreement, And You Have the Right And Ability To Use This Website In Compliance With All Terms And Conditions Herein. You consent to monitor any use of this website by minors under your name or account. In using this website, you further warrant that any information provided by you or members of your household is true and accurate. Any speculative, false, or fraudulent reservation and any reservation made in anticipation of demand is prohibited without limitation. You acknowledge and agree that reservations and purchases made using this website’s products and services must be for yourself or another person for whom you have the legal authority to act. 


All Content on this website is protected by copyright under international treaties and copyright laws, including but not limited to audio, images, software, text, icons, and other materials of a similar nature (“Content”). The Content May Not Be Used Except As Provided Herein. You Acknowledge That Your Use Of The Content Is Subject To Compliance With All Rules Set Forth On This Website. This website contains a variety of proprietary logos, service marks, and trademarks, whether owned or used by aaflightticket or not. aaflightticket Is Not Granting You Any Licence To Use These Proprietary Logos, Service Marks, Or Trademarks By Displaying Them On This Site. Any unauthorized use of the content might violate civil and criminal laws as well as copyright and trademark laws, privacy and publicity laws, and other laws.

Various Rights

You Agree To Use Any Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, Mailing List Access, or Other Message Or Communication Facilities On This Site Only To Send And Receive Appropriate And Related Messages And Materials. By Way Of Illustration And Not As A Limitation, You Agree That You Shall Not Do Any Of The Following When Using The Site Or Any Facility Available Here From: You Agree To Use Any Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, Mailing List Access, or Other Message Or Communication Facilities On This Site Only To Send And Receive Appropriate And Related Messages And Materials.

By Way Of Illustration And Not As A Limitation, You Agree That You Shall Not Do Any Of The Following When Using The Site Or Any Facility Available Here From Publish, Post, Distribute, or Disseminate Any Defamatory, Infringing, Obscene, Indecent, or Illegal Material or Information Upload or Attach Files That Contain Software or Other Material Protected By Intellectual Property Laws (Or By Rights Of Privacy And Publicity) Unless The User Owns Or Controls The Rights to it Or Has Received All Consents Defame, Abuse, Harass, Stalk, Threaten.

Therefore, as may be required by law, upload or attach files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may harm the operation of another person’s computer. Also, delete any author attributions, legal notices, or proprietary designations or labels in any uploaded files, misrepresent the origin or source of any software, or otherwise conduct or forward spam.

User’s Content

It Is Prohibited To Post Or Send Any Defamatory, Libelous, Obscene, Pornographic, Profane, Threatening, Illegal, or Threatening Material, Or Any Material That Could Constitute Or Encourage Conduct That Would Be Considered A Criminal Offense, Give Rise To Civil Liability, Or Otherwise Violate Any Law. In relation to the contents of any communications, including any defamatory, false, inaccurate, libelous, offensive, or profane material, aaflightticket.Com assumes no liability or responsibility. 

Any user content or conversations that are unlawful, indecent, offensive, or violate aaflightticket’s policies may be changed, edited, or removed by the website. Any law enforcement agency or court order requesting or directing aaflightticket.Com to reveal the identity of anybody posting such materials will receive full cooperation from aaflightticket.Com.

Rights of aaflightticket.Com

All communications that you provide to the site through electronic mail or another method, including any comments, data, questions, suggestions, or the like, are non-confidential and will be treated as such by aaflightticket agent. You, at this moment, renounce any and all claims that aaflightticket.Com’s use of the material violates your moral rights, privacy rights, proprietary or other property rights, publicity rights, rights to intellectual property or other forms of compensation, or any other rights, including the right to approve such use. Any content you submit to this site may be modified, broadcast, changed, copied, disclosed, licensed, performed, posted, sold, transmitted, or otherwise used by aaflightticket.Com indefinitely and anywhere in the world.

Term And Conditions Of The Agency

The Terms And Conditions Of The Respective Third Party Supplier (Such As The Airline And The Payment Gateway Service Providers) Shall Govern All Bookings, Cancellations, Refunds, Charges, Etc. Of The Services. Additionally, any refund amount to be processed, the timeframe during which it must be made, and all actions related to it must all be in accordance with the applicable supplier’s terms. In no manner shall aaflightticket.Com be liable for processing any refunds.

Any reservation made using the services that are not confirmed for any reason, including technical issues, downtime, etc., will be immediately communicated to the agent by aaflightticket.Com. However, aaflightticket.Com is not obligated to replace the unconfirmed reservation or make another booking. Any subsequent bookings must be treated as entirely new transactions without any mention of the earlier, unconfirmed reservation. When making a booking or reservation using the services, the prices of the services offered by each supplier may change. aaflightticket.Com shall not be liable for any such change or variation in the price of goods and services provided by such suppliers. Such change or variation is solely at the discretion of the supplier.

aaflightticket.Com May, At Any Time And Without Having To Serve Any Prior Notice To The Agent, (I) Upgrade, Update, Change, Modify, Or Improve The Services Or A Part Of The Services In Any Way It May Deem Fit, (Ii) Change Any Promotion Scheme, Promotion Period, Or Grace Period (By Whatever Name It Is Called), And (IIII) Change The Contents Of The Agreement. In certain situations, the Agent must review the terms of the agreement periodically. Such Modifications Shall Become Effective Upon Posting. aaflightticket.Com can change or remove any content from its website without prior notice or liability.

Payments And Fees

aaflightticket.Com has the right to charge transaction fees based on specific completed transactions made through the services and listing fees for certain listings. ATO further has the right to change all fees without prior notice periodically. All costs associated with using the services, including but not limited to charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessments, shall be entirely the user’s responsibility. If aaflightticket.Com Undercharges For A Listing, Service, Transaction Fee, Or Any Other Fee Or Service Due To A Technical Error Or For Any Other Reason, It Reserves The Right To Deduct/Charge/Claim The Balance Subsequent To The Transaction At Its Own Discretion.

Conditions And Terms Of Use

Any time, without prior notice, aaflightticket.Com may add to, modify, or remove any portion of these terms and conditions of use. Any modifications to these terms and conditions of use or any other terms posted on this website take effect immediately upon posting. You Are Indicating Your Acceptance Of Those Changes By Continuing To Use This Site After Any Changes Are Posted. Any other content posted on this site, including the features and specifications of products described or depicted on the site, may be added, changed, discontinued, removed, or suspended at any time without prior notice or liability.

The right to take whatever measures are necessary to protect the security, safety, and integrity of aaflightticket.Com’s systems and its clients’ interests is reserved by aaflightticket.Com. To this end, aaflightticket.Com may take a number of actions to confirm the legitimacy, enforceability, and authenticity of your orders. aaflightticket.Com may cancel the orders above at any time up to 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the relevant flight or 4 hours before the anticipated date of visit to any property booked through aaflightticket.Com if it determines, in its sole and exclusive discretion, that the orders above are not or do not reasonably appear to be, authentic, enforceable, or valid.

The failure of Flight Suppliers, from whom you purchase services via this Site restricted to airlines, or mistakes or omissions on the Site is not the responsibility of aaflightticket. The goods or services offered by an outside supplier are not supported by us, and neither are their financial standing nor our ability to compensate you for any losses incurred due to such losses.

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