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The privacy and security of our clients is important to us, and we take precautions to protect your financial and personal data. When you share personal information with us, we will use all commercially reasonable efforts to keep it secure and confidential because we think that your private information should remain just that—private. We are devoted to protecting the privacy of your personal information. aaflightticket is aware of how important privacy is to you and wants your interaction with us to be as pleasant and secure as possible. This policy explains aaflightticket’ business operations and how we normally manage your personal data when you visit our website.

The kind of personal data we gather and keep

Information or an opinion identifying a person or making them fairly recognizable is considered personal information. In general, sensitive information about you, such as specifics about your race, political opinions, religion, or health, is not collected by aaflightticket. However, depending on the goods and services you want from us, we might be compelled to gather certain sensitive data when we are offering you specialist services (such ADA accessibility needs). To offer you our services, we must collect a wide range of personal information from you. Depending on which travel package you order with American Airlines, we may ask for different types of personal information.

We might not be able to offer you the goods, services, or help you need if we are unable to gather personal information about you. These services require the gathering, use, or disclosure of your personal information. The following categories of personal information are often requested from you:

  • Contact information (name, address, email);
  • Birth date;
  • The gender; or
  • Details on how you used our product or service

Other kinds of personal information, like: may also be requested of you, depending on the goods or services you select.

  • Travel insurance
  • Passport reference
  • Credit card information

Methods through which we get your personal data

We gather the following details about you:

  • Using written documentation;
  • Through communication through the phone, your mobile device, or another messaging system;

Through websites and social media, including the internet; and/or

  • Direct interpersonal communication
  • By way of entry and subscription forms
  • Reservation forms and inquiries for further information
  • Emails and response technology

Using the techniques above, we will gather your personal information periodically or on an as-needed basis throughout the information life cycle. When you purchase a product or service from us, modify that product, inquire about our products and services, or seek information about our services, for instance, we may gather personal information from you. In order to better serve you, we may merge or connect the personal information we currently have about you with the new personal information we gather. We gather the following details about you:

  • Directly through our online booking engine, by phone, or in writing from you.
  • From a group coordinator who is handling your travel arrangements (in this situation, we ask the group leader to confirm that all group members have given their approval for them to share this Personal Information with us so that we may deliver those goods and services).
  • From others (including third parties and associated individuals or groups).


“Cookies” are used by our websites to deliver a variety of services to you. A cookie is a little bit of information that a website transmits to your browser and that your computer or another internet-capable device subsequently stores. Session cookies and persistent cookies are the two main categories of cookies. When you visit one of our websites, a session cookie is temporarily stored on your computer or other device and lasts until you leave. Even after you leave our websites, a persistent cookie will continue to exist on your device for the time or duration set in the cookie. In general, cookies make it possible for the websites you are visiting to communicate with your device more effectively.

aaflightticket utilizes cookies to gather information for a variety of functions, such as website maintenance and improvement, tracking user preferences and product needs for website customization, and identifying and improving the relevancy of advertising and marketing. We could also deal with someone who will utilize our cookies to make our advertising on other websites more relevant to you. You can control cookies using the browser options. One or more of these options may be to delete all cookies, reject all cookies, or get notifications when cookies are used.

The reasons for gathering personal data

Your personal data is collected by us so that we can:

  • Identify you and give our goods and services to you, including periodic updates on new goods, services, and special offers.
  • Assist you with a product or service by comprehending your needs;
  • Configure, oversee, and manage our offerings,
  • Gaining a deeper knowledge of you, your requirements, your behaviors, and how you interact with us will help us better manage the supply of our services and goods through the communication channels we use to connect with you.

On occasion, we must gather your personal data to fulfill particular legal requirements.

Uses and disclosure of personal information

Your personal information is used and disclosed by us for the reasons for which it was gathered. To learn more about these potential goals, please refer to the “Purposes of collection of personal information” section. Where you would reasonably expect us to use or disclose your personal information for that secondary purpose, we will use and disclose your personal information for that secondary purpose if your personal information is subject to the privacy regime. Sensitive data will only be used or disclosed in ways that are directly relevant to the original reason for collecting.

In order for third-party service providers to perform the contracted services for aaflightticket, such as information technology support or programming, hosting services, telephony services, mailing or sending of documentation to customers digitally or otherwise, we may, for example, disclose your personal information to them. As a travel agent, aaflightticket provides goods and services on behalf of several other companies, including insurance firms and cruise lines. For these companies to offer you their services and help you have a positive experience, aaflightticket may be compelled to release your Personal Information since these service providers need it to process your reservation.

Gathering, using, and disclosing personal data for marketing

A wide variety of travel services are offered by aaflightticket. Our firm relies heavily on marketing. Your personal information will be gathered, used, and disclosed so that we may keep you informed about the variety of goods and services offered by aaflightticket that we believe may be of interest to you. We employ a wide range of marketing techniques, such as direct mail, text messages, telephone calls, and other internet-based methods, including online behavioral marketing and customized online advertising. To offer you more pertinent advertising about our products and services, third-party marketing service providers may combine the personal information we share with them with the information they already possess about you.

Parties to whom we release your information and from whom we acquire it

There are a number of individuals and organizations (referred to as “parties”) that we disclose your personal information to and collect it from that are not you, as explained in the “Ways we collect your personal information” section. These might be third parties or aaflightticket affiliates. The specific party will vary depending on which aaflightticket firm or brand you work with and what goods or services you receive.

Parties that we could share your personal information with or obtain personal information from include, for instance:

  • Additional Travel the World firms and other commercial departments or divisions within the same business
  • Companies that do strategic research and development for clients, products, or businesses.
  • A third party with which we have agreements for the provision of administrative, travel, or other business services

The confidentiality of your personal data

In terms of our information management and delivery of online services, we use technologies and practices that are standard across industries. aaflightticket has a program to assess and improve its security procedures continuously. The evaluations and upgrades cover topics including security and information management policies, practices, and procedures. They also cover technology, including software, virus protection, and firewall settings. Both internal and external specialists routinely review the systems and IT infrastructure of aaflightticket. Email sent to aaflightticket may not always be secure. You should think about contacting us in another way if you are concerned about the security of the information in your email or any other online transaction.

However, aaflightticket uses firewalls and strong encryption methods similar to those used by banks and other international online payment systems. When you use one of our online forms to deal with aaflightticket and provide personal information over the Internet, that encryption technology is used by aaflightticket. Your personal information is held and safeguarded by a variety of security safeguards after being received by aaflightticket, including firewalls, user authentication requirements, and audit trails. aaflightticket gives user identities, passwords, or other access credentials to authorized people in order to manage access to your personal information. It also instructs its workers and representatives on their privacy responsibilities.

The failure of Flight Suppliers, from whom you purchase services via this Site restricted to airlines, or mistakes or omissions on the Site is not the responsibility of aaflightticket. The goods or services offered by an outside supplier are not supported by us, and neither are their financial standing nor our ability to compensate you for any losses incurred due to such losses.

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