The services and rules imposed by the relevant airlines are not our responsibility. Flights and airline schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Due to scheduling and/or flight changes, we are not liable for any fees associated with tickets that we did not issue, whether they are domestic or international. Online airline tickets are subject to inspection, and if we determine that it is required, the client may be rebooked to meet minimum connection time criteria and/or travel package itineraries. In this instance, the customer will be notified right away.

Although typical ticketing procedures permit the release of tickets at a later time, airlines have the right to request the immediate delivery of tickets whenever they think a certain aircraft is overbooked. In this case, we will need prompt payment in full for the flight. This situation supersedes the terms and conditions of the invoice and the payment terms set out in any payment arrangements you may have with us. The airline will cancel Any unpaid seats if full payment is not received, and they might not be rebooked on the same flights or at the same price. The traveler is solely responsible for making alternative air travel plans and for covering the associated costs.

Additional terms and conditions from our partners and suppliers will apply to your reservation and any travel-related products and services you choose to buy. Please read these additional terms and conditions completely. Please review the provider’s terms and conditions of carriage, which are posted on the supplier’s or vendor’s website, if you have an airline reservation. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of any vendor or supplier you choose to do business with, including, but not limited to, payment of all monies when due and observance of the vendor’s or supplier’s rules and regulations regarding the accessibility and use of fares, goods, or services.

The trip’s price cannot be guaranteed before the sale is completed and the tickets are distributed. Airlines and other travel service providers’ prices are always subject to change. You are aware that for you to utilize their services or engage in their activities, some third-party providers may require a liability release from you. You acknowledge that breaking any of these suppliers’ or vendors’ policies may result in the cancellation of your reservation(s), a prohibition on using the related travel services or goods, a forfeiture of any payments made for those reservation(s), and/or a charge to your account for any costs we incur as a result of the violation.

The failure of Flight Suppliers, from whom you purchase services via this Site restricted to airlines, or mistakes or omissions on the Site is not the responsibility of aaflightticket. The goods or services offered by an outside supplier are not supported by us, and neither are their financial standing nor our ability to compensate you for any losses incurred due to such losses.

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