Can My Kids Travel Alone on American Airlines Flights?

Focusing on the comfort as well as security to your kids while traveling, American Airlines has determined the restricted age group of the children to travel alone. With this it’s easier for the airline to manage the minor travel experience. The fee starts from $50 for American Unaccompanied Minor Service.

Although, the children between 5-14 age can fly alone as per American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy. Still, if you want to avail of unaccompanied minor programmes to your kid beyond the restricted age then, you need to pay extra on booking as UM services.

What are the Unaccompanied Minor Policies Does American Airlines Belive On?

To prevent any kind of misunderstanding and mistake to your booking you are highly urged to go through the policies specified for Unaccompanied Minor Travel on American Airlines. By acknowledging and adhering the specific policy, it will be convenient for you to book Unaccompanied Minor fare easily.

  • The eligibility to be Unaccompanied Minor flier, you kid must be at least 5 years older or more.
  • According to unaccompanied minor policy, kids between 5 to 14 years are allowed to travel alone on American Airlines Flights.
  • Consequently, kids more than 14 years and up to 18 years older can even enjoy the perk of unaccompanied minors travel experience.
  • American Airlines Unaccompanied minor booking is eligible only for the non-stop flights.
  • In addition to the above policies of Unaccompanied minor travel, children are not allowed to fly on American Airlines flights that have been scheduled overnight.
  • Unaccompanied Minors traveling alone on American Flights must check in at least two hours in advance of the scheduled departure for domestic carriers and for the international route, children must check-in at least three hours earlier than the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Though American Airlines Unaccompanied Travel booking is restricted for the kids between five to 14 years old. Still, if you want to avail this service to your kid above 14 and up to 17 or 18, then your kids will have an option to travel on the connecting flights.
  • Acknowledging the complete terms and condition, Parents are required to sign unaccompanied minor travel consent form to book the flight for their traveling alone minor.

What Should Be My Kid’s Age to Fly as Unaccompanied Minor on American AIrlines Flights?

American Airlines has drawn an age restriction that one should meet to qualify minor booking. As we’ve already discussed before, for unaccompanied minors booking, kids between 5 and 14 are only eligible. Still, if your kid is below five and needs to travel alone, must be accompanied by a 16 years old or above. Otherwise, they will not be permitted for UMNR American Airlines. Though kids between 5-14 are specifically dedicated for Unaccompanied Minor policy whenever traveling alone on American Airlines Flight, instead, if any kids beyond the restricted age up to 17 can even enjoy UMNR service. UMNR booking on American Airlines is optional for kids above 14 and up to 17 years to fly alone. In addition to it, those kids even have the potential to fly on connecting flights or direct flights depending on their preference.

Age Restrictions On American Airlines to Fly Alone

  • American Airlines does not allow the kids below 5 to travel alone until or unless they are unaccompanied by an adult or 16 older children.
  • When you are planning to travel alone to your kids between 5 and 14, then it’s mandatory to book American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor.
  • Rather than the rest policy, it’s optional for the kids from 15 to 17 years older to book Unaccompanied Minor service travel alone.

Which are the International Routes that Could be Possible with American Unaccompanied Minor Booking?

Though your kids are perfectly suitable for unaccompanied minor travel and even have the option to choose a route, i.e., international or domestic flight. But it would be better if you ensure that American Airlines Unaccompanied Policy is possible for your preferable international route or and not. Here’s the list of the following international Routes that are meeting UMNR policy.

  • Miami
  • Charlotte
  • TX (DFW)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Los Angeles
  • NC (CLT)
  • CA (LAX)
  • D.C. (DCA)
  • Washington Reagan
  • Philadelphia
  • New York
  • PA (PHL)
  • FL (MIA)
  • NY (JFK and LGA)
  • Chicago
  • Phoenix
  • IL (ORD)
  • AZ (PHX

How Much Does American Airlines Charge for Unaccompanied Minor Booking?

Understand the Unaccompanied Minor Pricing of American Airlines by glancing at the below-drawn table.

Route Type Charges on one-way Charges on roundtrip
Domestic Hundred and fifty dollars Three Hundred Dollars
International 150 USD + additional charges + taxes 300 USD + additional charges + taxes

When Two or more unaccompanied minors traveling alone from the same flights on one flight, are subjected to pay a single fare. Besides this, the charges for Unaccompanied Minor on American Airlines for children flying alone depends on the route.

What are the Rules for Qualifying American Unaccompanied Minor Booking?

To prevent the blunder on the Unaccompanied Minor Travel experience, American Airlines has drawn. Ensure to follow all the rules respectively while proceeding with American Airlines UMNR procedure.

  • Medically and mentally fit.
  • Kids below 5 years must be accompanied by an adult or any above 14 years old kid.
  • Contact details of both parties(designated person who is responsible for picking up and dropping off the kids at the airport) are required.
  • Age Proof ID authorized by the government is mandatory to complete the Unaccompanied Minor Booking.
  • International minor fliers must check-in at least 3 hours earlier than the departure.
  • Domestic flier on Unaccompanied Minor reservations, check-in must be done 2 hours in advance of the scheduled departure.

How Should I Prepare American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Trip?

Following the below guidelines, you can conveniently prepare American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Travel.

  • Advice you kids to approach the uniformed team for any help while traveling or at the airport.
  • Ensure to attach the phone number written with your kids’ luggage or ID card.
  • Include time-pass sources like books, gaming stuff and money in a small carry-on.
  • Pack enough snacks to the backpack, however, the eats and drinks are limited.
  • Including parents or legal guardian contact detail ID must be attached to your kids’ jacket or luggage.
  • Ensure to include a charger and headphone to your kids carry-on.
  • Further, electric gadgets such as cell phones, airpod and many others must be fully charged.
  • Make sure that your kid has a disciplined personality so that it will be easier for American Airlines Crew members to coordinate your kids.

How Do I Book American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Flight Online?

It’s all a waste if you know all the terms and conditions and rules about Unaccompanied Minor Reservations but are unaware of the process to complete it online. So, it would be better if you follow the sequence stated below.

Via American Airlines Official Site

  1. You must initially login to the site.
  2. Then, you are supposed to access “Advanced Search.”
  3. Now, Choose “Unaccompanied Minor Travel” on the next page.
  4. Next, find and complete the form.
  5. Further, continue as per the instructions visible on the screen.
  6. Submit the form.
  7. Choose the flight from the list.
  8. Select the fare type.
  9. Hit the continue button and may make payments for Unaccompanied Minor reservation via your preferable mode of payment.
  10. Lastly, get notified from American Airlines regarding UMNR reservations.

Via American Airlines Mobile Application

  1. Install the application on your phone.
  2. Sign in to the application.
  3. Swipe up the task bar.
  4. Choose the contact us option.
  5. Select the chat with us option.
  6. Now, type “Unaccompanied Minor.”
  7. With this you should select “where can i find the unaccompanied minor request form online so i can print one to fill out?”
  8. Further, you should hit the ribbon, “children traveling alone.”
  9. Moreover, you should hit “contact reservations” accessible under “booking your child’s trip.”
  10. Now, pick any phone number from the list, depending on your tongue and nation.
  11. Attend the IVR and press the keys accordingly.
  12. Request the experts for Unaccompanied Minor Booking and follow their words.
  13. Lastly, seek confirmation messages regarding Unaccompanied Minor Reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is important About escorting the unaccompanied minor at the Destination Airport?

One must get the gate pass at the airport ticket counter to cross the security point and escort the unaccompanied minor traveler.

How Far in Advance Designated need to Arrive at the Airport Before Unaccompanied Minor Flight to Escort?

The Designated person must arrive at the destination airport up to 45 minutes earlier than the flight arrival.

What are the following Documents which are essential for American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Booking?

  • Passport of kid.
  • Valid Photo ID.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Kid’s name, date of birth, address, and contact information.
  • Contact details of parents and guardians picking up and dropping off at the airport.

What is the UMNR fee on American Airlines Reservations?

The American Airlines fee for UMNR is $ 150 for one-way trip and for round trip, the fee is $350.

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Can My Kids Travel Alone on American Airlines Flights?

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