What is American Airlines Seat Selection Service?

Yes, Seat selection is available on American Airlines. When you reserve or purchase a Main Cabin Extra seat along with additional advantages or a Preferred seat in a more advantageous location, you can select your seat for free. American Airlines charges anywhere from free for standard seats (unless you plan to purchase basic economy fares) to more than $160 for an extra-legroom seating on a long-haul trip.

By going to the Manage Reservations portal on the American Airlines web page, you are able to select your seat if you have already made your reservation.To retrieve the reservation details, you are required to type in your booking reference along with your last name. After logging in, you can choose your favorite seat from the list of alternatives.

What is the Policy of American Airlines Seat Selection?

You must be familiar with the policy of American Seat Selection listed in the following key points which are as follows.

  • Seat Selection on American Airlines is qualified only to those passengers who have made the flight reservations at www.aa.com.
  • Depending on the fare types and cabin classes some of the American Airlines passengers are entitled to the free seat selection service.
  • The cost of selecting a seat on American Airlines varies depending on a number of variables, such as the duration of the flight and the preferred seat type.
  • When booking a flight or after air ticketing, American Airlines passengers have the option to choose their seat.
  • You will be obligated to pay for a seat selection regardless of the type of seat if you purchased a basic economy ticket.
  • Even if a partner airline’s flight possesses an American Airlines flight number, you won’t be able to choose your seat.
  • You can choose any standard seat at no additional cost if you purchased a standard economy ticket.
  • You will need your American Airlines confirmation code if you bought your ticket through an airline other than American Airlines while proceeding to the seat selection qualification.

Considerations for Choosing an American Seat

You should really take into consideration the following points before making any regrettable seat selection decisions on American Airlines flights.

  • Reservations for seats are subject to a fee by American Airlines, regardless of when they are made.
  • When booking a seat on an American flight, one should budget at least $9 per way.
  • Depending on the route and class, there would be differences in seat selection.
  • Accessibility of the seat determines seat selection on American Airlines.
  • On American flights, one is only accountable for a free seat when the airline’s staff assign seats at the same time as the scheduled departure.
  • Standby seats, along with seat selection fees, are occasionally provided by American Airlines upon customer request. Yet, in the event that no seats are available the day of departure, the cost is fully refundable.

What are the Various Factors on Which American Seat Selection Service is Based?

The specifics of the seat selection service offered by American Airlines can change based on a number of factors, including the kind of ticket, the class of service, elite status, and other factors. The following are significant variables that could affect American Airlines’ seat selection process:

Ticket Type:

  • Basic Economy: Limited or no complimentary seat selection options may be available to passengers holding Basic Economy tickets. Seat assignments are typically decided upon at check-in, and there might be a cost associated with selecting a particular seat in advance.
  • Main Cabin (Standard Economy): Usually, when making a reservation, passengers in the Main Cabin have the choice of seats. On the other hand, certain seat types may incur fees.

Class of Service:

  • The ticket for passengers traveling in first or business class or other premium cabins frequently includes the option to choose their own seat at no additional cost.

Elite Status:

  • Depending on their status level, members with AAdvantage elite status may be eligible for benefits like free or heavily discounted seat selection.

Seat Types:

Standard seats, preferred seats with more legroom, and premium seats are just a few of the seat options that American Airlines may offer. Preferred and premium seat selections may incur additional fees.

Time of Seat Selection:

Whether or not there are fees may depend on when you choose your seat. When making their reservation, passengers may have different options and prices than when making their seat selections closer to the departure date.

Flight Route:

  • Depending on the route and type of aircraft, different options and fees may apply for selecting a seat.

Paid Seat Selection Options:

  • Even if a passenger isn’t flying in a premium cabin, American Airlines may allow them to purchase particular seats, like extra-legroom seats.

How Do I Make Seat Selection on American Airlines?

American Airlines offers mainly two methods such as online and offline. Under the online method, you should access any of the online booking portals of American Airlines i.e. official site and mobile application. Meanwhile, reaching out to the air ticketing executive ovcr a call or at the airport would be the alternative choice you can consider to make seat selection at American Airlines. The procedure is considered as per the various methods as well as the time when you want to select the seat.

Procedure to Make American Seat Selection Online During the Flight Reservations

If you are planning to choose the seats on American Airlines, ensure to adhere to the steps showcased below.

  1. Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  2. Input the number of passengers, the departure city, the destination, and the travel dates.
  3. Choose the flight you want from the list of options.
  4. Selecting your seats will probably be a prompt during the booking process. To view the available seat options and choose your preferred seats, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Steps to make Seat Selection on American Airlines Flights After Air Ticketing

Applying the procedure explained below, you can conveniently make the seat selection on American Airlines after the flight reservations.

  1. Visit the American Airlines website if your ticket has already been purchased.
  2. Choose “My Trips” or “Manage Reservations” sections on the website.
  3. Enter your last name, AAdvantage number, or booking reference to access your American Airlines account.
  4. Find and pick the particular flight that you wish to choose a seat for.
  5. Search for a tab that indicates “Choose Seats” or something similar. Usually, this will lead to a seat map where you can choose your options and see which seats are available.
  6. Check and validate the seats you have chosen.

In case you find any complications or confusion while proceeding with the procedure to make American Airlines Seat Selection online, ensure to contact the experts soon.

Strategies to Avoid Penalty While a Seat Selection on American Airlines

Avoiding American Airlines seat selection fees may require some strategic planning, especially if you’re traveling on a Basic Economy ticket. Here are those strategies helping you to leverage seat selection.

  • Instead of selecting Basic Economy, think about purchasing a Main Cabin (Standard Economy) ticket. Selecting seats during the booking process is frequently free of charge for Main Cabin fares.
  • You can qualify for free or heavily discounted seat selection perks if you are an elite member of American Airlines’ AAdvantage program. Examine the benefits that come with your rank.
  • Purchasing your ticket as soon as possible will help you to ensure your preferred seat. Your chances of finding a range of open seats are increased as a result.
  • You might be able to use your frequent flier miles, such as AAdvantage miles, to upgrade your ticket to a fare class that allows free seat selection.
  • At check-in, Basic Economy passengers may be assigned a seat without incurring additional fees. However, be advised that there may not be a lot of seating options.
  • If you have a Basic Economy ticket and are willing to be flexible, you can check in at the airport kiosk. This might result in a free seat assignment
  • If you are traveling with a companion, make your seat selections in advance. Even with Basic Economy tickets, there might not be an extra fee if you decide to choose seats that are next to each other.
  • Check the fare rules and limitations before making a reservation. Choose your fare class carefully because some special fares might include free seat selection.


In most cases, you can choose your seats when you book or after you make a reservation with American Airlines. If you want free seat selection, you’ll have to avoid basic economy fares, though. Additionally, unless you have elite status or pay with miles, you will not be eligible for free preferred or extra-legroom seat selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Airlines Provide Complimentary Seat Selection?

Travelers in first class or business class, as well as those with elite status in the AAdvantage program, frequently have the option of choosing a complimentary seat. The availability of free seat selection is contingent upon the particulars of the reservation.

Is Seat Selection Free for the American Airlines Basic Economy Fliers?

There may be few or no complimentary seat selection options available to Basic Economy passengers. Usually, seats are assigned at check-in, and there might be a cost if you would like to select a particular seat in advance.

Does American Airlines Allow to Change Seat Selection After the Flight Reservations?

Yes, after making a reservation, you can usually change your seat preference using the airline’s website, mobile app, or customer service number. Availability and any related costs may apply to changes.

Is There a Refund for American Seat Selection Fees?

Generally speaking, seat selection fees are non-refundable. In most cases, seat selection fees are not reimbursed if you request a refund or change your flight.

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