American Airlines Name Change Policy 2023: A Complete Guide

Have you made a mistake while booking an American Airlines flight ticket? If so, you should learn about American Airlines name change policy. Since the airline allows you to make modifications even after booking.

American Airlines is one of the popular airlines because of offering a lot of benefits to their valuable passengers. There might be chances of entering a wrong name during the reservations. If you have also made that mistake and want to make it correct, the given article is for you.

In the given post, we are going to explain the complete name change policy, process and fee for changing name. You need to stay connected with us and make your doubts clear.

Can I change name on American Airlines Flight Tickets?

Yes! You are permitted to change your name up to a few characters as per the airline’s name change policy. If you are looking for the process for the same, get through the whole post carefully.

American Airlines Name Change Policy: Guidelines

First, you should know that there is a difference between name correction and name change. The airline only allows you to make corrections on the tickets. The whole name cannot be changed as per the rules. If you want to change the whole passenger name, cancel the entire booking and make a new reservation.

To know further policies, you have to take a glance at the following information.

  • According to the AA name change policy, you are not allowed to change name or claim a refund if you have a non-refundable ticket. Unless, the airline gives you the refundable fare option with it.
  • You are permitted to make changes on the flight tickets 24 hours before departure.
  • Also, the airline permits you to transfer the tickets from one flight to another before departure. Fees will be dependent on your travel class, availability of alternate flights, reason to transfer, and your preferences.
  • As per the policy, you can only correct the name up to a few characters. If you want to change the whole name, cancel the current booking and book a new one.
  • The airline allows you to make the minor name corrections to the flights consisting of American Eagle flights and American Prime only.
  • And, you must follow major name correction guidelines if your ticket is showing R inventory.
  • To make corrections on the AA*/codeshare flight segments and Other Airline prime flight segments, you must need a new PNR. Since you are not allowed to make changes within the same PNR.

How to Change the Name on American Airlines Flight Tickets?

Worrying about entering the wrong name while booking? Don’t fret as the airline permits you to make name corrections hassle free. There are numerous ways to change your name on the flight ticket.

If you talk about the methods for the name correction, you are permitted to change the name via the official site, calling customer service, at the airport, or using social media handles, as well.

Below, you may check out the detailed instructions for each method and make your corrections.

Change Name Online (Via visiting the AA’s official site)

  • The first thing is to launch the official website of American Airlines.
  • After that, go to the homepage and choose the Reservations tab.
  • Enter the correct credentials to retrieve your booking.
  • Next, choose the booking you want to manage and tap on the American Airlines reservations.
  • Tap on the box you want to modify and then choose the change flight option.
  • Type in the new name and tap on the edit option.
  • Finally, you will get the new e-ticket on your registered email ID.

Change Name Offline (Through AA Customer Service)

  • For this, you first need to find the official phone number of the airline to talk to a live person.
  • Dial the American Airlines Customer Service Number to speak with a representative.
  • When the call connects, press 1 to get the help regarding the current booking.
  • Press 2 to make a new reservation.
  • To get assistance regarding baggage, press 3.
  • Press 7 to talk to an agent at American Airlines.

Name Change at American Airlines Airport

  • To change the name at the airport, it is a must to have your boarding pass.
  • Visit the nearest airport to make corrections on the flight ticket.
  • Report to a real person directly and ask them to make corrections to your name.
  • Finally, they will provide you with the new e-ticket.

Use the American Airlines live chat option

To modify your names, you may also use the live chat option via visiting the official website of the airline. This is one of the quickest methods to make corrections to the flight tickets. The airline permits you to connect with a live person 24/7 via chat and provide them your booking details to make modifications.

American Airlines name change policy for marriage

If you have booked the ticket before marriage and now want to make corrections, follow the below-mentioned information. Here, we have explained how you can change your name after marriage on the American Airlines tickets.

  • In this legal case, you can choose the travel insurance if the airline refuses to update your name on the ticket.
  • As per the policy, the airline permits you to change the whole surname on the ticket in legal cases such as divorce or marriage.
  • However, it is a must to show the legal documents such as marriage certificate while traveling on American Airlines.
  • Usually, name corrections on transfer tickets will not be allowed by the airline for some reasons.

How Much is the Cost for changing name on American Airlines Tickets?

As we have mentioned above, American Airlines provides flexibility for major and minor name change for unused flight tickets. But, you might be thinking about the cost for making corrections to the tickets.

We would like to tell you that American Airlines doesn’t charge fees for the minor corrections. However, passengers have to pay US$25 to make major corrections. And, you may have to pay US $200 and US$700 to make changes on the domestic and international flight tickets respectively.

Ending the Post!

We expect that you have successfully changed your name on the aa ticket. In case you are still looking for additional info regarding American Airlines name change policy & process, dial the AA Customer Service Number to get the help from an agent.

They have a team of experienced representatives who are always ready to help you out, no matter whatever the query is. Feel free to call them any time.

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American Airlines Name Change Policy 2023: A Complete Guide

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